Company Property – Vehicles, equipment, tools, etc. Care and Use

The condition of our vehicles and equipment says a lot about who we are. We value people who look after our company property. This ensures that we do not have to spend excessively on repairs and new equipment and that our equipment is safe to use.  We expect our people to not operate any equipment or vehicles with defective safety guards or anything which could cause harm to yourself, others or property. Please refer to TECH Electric’s Safety Manual for our safe work practices and procedures.

You are to immediately report any damage or accident to your supervisor.

For those unsightly cosmetic defects that do not impact the safe operation of the equipment please report those to your supervisor at the end of your work day.

We keep our tools, equipment, and vehicles clean and presentable. We know that those things get dirty during our work day as a sign of our hard work, however it is important that we take the time near the end of the day to clean and tidy up. We want our TECH crew to start their day with a positive attitude which includes a clean work area, tools, and equipment. We also want our work area clean to reflect the high quality of our work.