Group RRSP- Eligibility

We offer a voluntary group RRSP with 75% dollar matching contributions, based on years of service with TECH Electric:

  • 3% of salary or wage:  1 to 3 years with TECH
  • 4% of salary or wage:  3 to 5  years with TECH
  • 5% of  salary or wage: 5+ years with TECH

Company contributions are capped at $300/month and are fully vested and payroll deducted. Our  partners at RBC provide professional investment advice for your customized retirement savings plan. Please feel free to contact them anytime at your local branch for further information.

Employee contributions are voluntary, but may only be initiated or  changed bi-annually, in January and July. We will send out notices via newsletter as a reminder. To be eligible for employer contributions you must be a full-time employee for at least one year.


  • Withdrawal of funds from RRSP will suspend  company contributions for six months (can be waived by management, talk to your supervisor)
  • Years of service are based on consecutive full-time years with TECH Electric.