Payday – travel time, OT and bonus

You are paid bi-weekly (every two weeks) and will receive your pay in your designated bank account by the Friday of a pay week.


There are times where we are required to work overtime to get the job done. Everyone must have authorization from their supervisor before they proceed to work any overtime. We want to ensure that people are properly rested and we are keeping within our budgets that we have committed to for our customers.

For our salaried office team, we will encourage you to use that extra time for those unexpected events that you need to attend to or those scheduled appointments that you have to make during working hours.

For our hourly field crew, simply record the overtime that you work. Our overtime rate is 1.5 times your hourly rate, when you have been requested to work overtime. If you would like to work more hours and you know we are busy, feel free to request extended work hours with your supervisor. Your supervisor will assess the work schedule and efficacy of the request (i.e. will it be safe and make sense to have one, two or three people work a Friday for additional hours?). Remember, these hours are not paid at an overtime rate.

Travel Time

Our work sites are not always within Saskatoon or Prince Albert. The portion of travel time pay will be decided on a job-to-job basis depending on customer requirements, and schedule.


We reward our people for their positive attitude, hard work, and their accomplishments. We do this through our bonus program. Our bonus program is outlined for participants at our business influencers quarterly meetings.